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You can download anatomy mnemonics pdf created by Med Info free. These anatomy mnemonics pdf file contains hundreds of anatomy mnemonics covering almost everything in anatomy. You can find some of the anatomy mnemonics here and other in the pdf. Also you can read the features of these anatomy mnemonics below:

Anatomy is the problem of systems. And human anatomy is the issue of analyzing and mastering special systems of human body and their vicinity and family members with different systems. Like in case you are studying some particular muscle within the top limb, you will should examine its beginning and insertion and additionally the arteries and nerves and so forth offering that muscle. Additionally you will must research the name of structures that are related to it manner the nearly via muscle groups, bone and so on like which shape lies to its lateral, medial, anterior and posterior surfaces. Additionally you’ll should study its surface anatomy and its sicknesses/problems.

Examine all of the may be finished from some notable ebook of human medical anatomy like grey’s anatomy and snell anatomy and so on. Also you’ll need to seek advice from an anatomy atlas to peer special systems in diagrams and pix so you don’t forget about it.

anatomy mnemonics pdf

Some Anatomy Mnemonics:

Nerves passing through the superior orbital fissure (Live Frankly To See Absolutely No Insult) mnemonic

  • Lacrimal nerve
  • Frontal nerve
  • Trochlear nerve
  • Superior division of oculomotor nerve
  • Abducens nerve
  • Nasociliary nerve
  • Inferior division of oculomotor nerve

Tarsal bones of ankle “Tiger Cubs Need

Superior, then clockwise on right foot:

  1. Talus
  2. Calcaneus
  3. Navicular
  4. Medial cuneiform
  5. Intermediate cuneiform
  6. Lateral cuneiform
  7. Cuboid

Position of thoracic duct in relation to oesophagus (left) and azygous vein (right)

  • A duck between two gooses
  • Duck = thoracic duct
  • Two gooses = oesophagus and azygous vein

Brachial artery: recurrent and collateral branches “I Am Pretty Sexy”

  • Inferior ulnar collateral artery goes with Anterior ulnar
  • recurrent artery.
  • Posterior ulnar recurrent artery goes with Superior ulnar
  • collateral artery.

· Alternatively: “I Am Pretty Smart”.

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So the above given are just a few examples. You can find many other like these anatomy mnemonics pdf in the pdf file. You can download the pdf file free below:

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